IDX Listings

IDX Listings

Global iTech Systems Ltd provides IDX listing in the realtor website. For real estate agents and brokers in the US & Canada, IDX is the system that allows REALTORS® to show MLS property listings on their websites. IDX stands for "Internet Data Exchange", which sounds technical, but really it's quite simple from the agent's perspective.
For example, if you are a real estate agent, you might have an MLS property search on your website. This feature is made possible by an IDX "data feed" from your MLS board.
Professional real estate website designers like Global iTech Systems Ltd provide website packages that include IDX. This makes it easy for agents and brokers to show all mls properties on their own website. In fact, IDX websites are a great way to generate leads.

MLS Integration

We are the professional Real Estate website designer and developer. We do integration MLS® Listings (IDX) into your customized real estate website.

The full form of MLS is Multiple Listing Service. A Multiple Listing Service is a private database that is created, maintained and paid for by real estate professionals. It is a private offer of cooperation and compensation by listing Brokers to other real estate Brokers. The MLS data base is a tool that helps real estate professionals assist their clients when buying and selling property. Without the collaborative incentive of the existing MLS, Brokers would have to rely on their own separate systems of cooperation, rather than enjoying the benefits of the consolidation of property information. This information is then, usually, provided to the public at no cost by participating Brokers.

MLS Integration is a powerful extension that allows individual real estate professionals to import and publish all of these listings that belong to them and other real estate professionals on their individual professional real estate platform (website). Once imported all data is updated on a regular basis to ensure data accuracy.

Home buyers want to be able to search for all properties in one place. If the search functions are easy to use, and an online buyer lands on your website, you can keep them there for a much longer period of time if you have all of the listings that are on MLS on your website. If they can find this information on your website, with your branding, and your contact information- it could convert an online lead into a buyer.

Global Systems builds its own customized website. It does have a template. We work with realtors and we use client's design, layout and website plan. We design mockup page with clients. We create major geography region and create all the neighbour and connect with IDX listings.